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what about stained glass?

limited production

These limited production panels depict images of both the natural and urban landscape. The natural landscapes are painted by hand, and the urban landscapes are created using a silk-screening process. All images are created using special glass paints, which I fire in a kiln to make the image permanent.

Available panels are shown below. Click on images for size and pricing. Panels can be custom ordered as well, for different color variations. A 50% deposit is required for custom orders. Turn around time is typically 3-4 weeks. Contact for inquiries.

NYC Sewer
Water Tower 1
Water Tower 2
Water Tower 3
Water Tower 4
Manhattan Bridge
Geometric Abstract
Transformer Lines 1
Transformer Lines 2
Transformer Lines 3
Tree Abstract 1
Tree Abstract Long
Silhouetted Tree 4
Silhouetted Tree 6
Silhouetted Tree 1
Silhouetted Tree - Clear Seedy Glass
Silhouetted Tree - White Opal Glass